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Elevate Any Event with Catering from Myril Eatery & Wine Bar

Transform Your Gatherings with Myril

Myril Eatery & Wine Bar offers catering and events services that go beyond the ordinary, making every gathering a celebration of exceptional flavors and unforgettable moments.

Inspired by the pioneering spirit of Myril, Chef Jen’s great-grandmother, our catering service is all about bringing people together with food that tells a story set against the stunning backdrop of Newport, Oregon’s marina. 


Catering That Captures the Celebration

Whether you're planning a sophisticated wedding, an intimate family reunion, or a vibrant corporate event, Myril’s catering service is designed to impress. Our commitment to bold, balanced, and approachable cuisine shines through in every bite, featuring locally sourced ingredients and a menu that's tailored to your event's unique needs.



Menu’s Crafted for Sharing Culinary Delights

At Myril, we believe that the best memories are made around the table. Whether it’s an intimate gathering with shared small plates, custom charcuterie builds, or a large celebration with a plethora of buffet selections, each dish is crafted to spark conversation and delight guests, ensuring that your event stands out for all the right reasons.


Wine and Beverage Service That Dazzles

Elevate your event with Myril’s wine-forward approach. Our sommelier will expertly curate a selection of local and Old World wines, each chosen to harmonize beautifully with your menu, infusing your gathering with an unmatched level of sophistication.

At Myril, our drink offerings extend beyond the vine. We take pride in our unique and remarkable drinks menu, featuring a blend of classic and original craft cocktails, non-alcoholic creations, and local brews. Each beverage is a masterpiece designed to satisfy, surprise, and delight, ensuring every guest discovers their perfect sip.

Discover Our Banquet Space at the Embarcadero Resort & Marina

Beyond our catering services, Myril Eatery & Wine Bar offers an enchanting banquet venue for your events. The Embarcadero Resort & Marina is perfectly suited for celebrations of every scale and style. From intimate gatherings to grand receptions, this venue ensures your event is wrapped in sophistication and charm.

With its Art Deco elegance and panoramic marina views, this space provides the perfect canvas for celebrations of all sizes. Whether you're hosting at our location or yours, we're dedicated to creating an ambiance as memorable as the cuisine.

Set against the stunning backdrop of Yaquina Bay and its iconic bridge, our venue offers a breathtaking view and a picturesque setting that adds a touch of magic to your gatherings. The serene waters and the architectural marvel of the Yaquina Bridge enhance the beauty of your events, making every deliciously catered moment at The Embarcadero Resort & Marina truly unforgettable.


Let Us Make Your Event a Masterpiece

Ready to turn your next event into an extraordinary culinary adventure? Contact Myril Eatery & Wine Bar today to start planning.

With our passionate team, exceptional cuisine, and unwavering attention to detail, we’re here to ensure your gathering is nothing short of spectacular. Let's create lasting memories together, one remarkable dish at a time.

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Myril Eatery & Wine Bar

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